Latest News about New Album: Andrea Giarola

Andrea Giarola chitarrista

Well, MOONGARDEN are writing and arranging a new flaming record using the talent of some guests who are making an absolutely tangible impact on writing new songs.

Not only guests but TRUE collaborators of composition and arrangement that will make special this new Moongarden title.

Andrea Giarola, guitarist and composer

Today we present Mr. Andrea Giarola, a talented 8-strings guitarist & avant-garde composer, who is enhancing even more those insights that the band chose to in the “great cauldron” of rock progressive with “A Vulgar Display of Prog”.

Andrea recorded three albums with the Metal Hardcore Band “Inhale Your Hate” (with Moongarden drummer Mattia Scolfaro) and he will also appear in the super project “Voices of Babylon”by Alex Grata & Ed Unitsky Fanpage.

With him we are experiencing a new sound that will move even more to the extreme our search for pure progressive rock projected to the future!

Stay tuned!